Breeding program

We would like to briefly introduce our queen rearing method.

In order to be able to rear quality queens, we established strict quality criteria.

Rearing queens is done in accordance with the highest hygienic requirements, therefore during larva rearing the one day old larvae are put onto cradle funds cast from beeswax. After this the accepted larvae are given to starter families, where we leave them for 24 hours to be nursed. Further rearing is done at nurse families with mothers, each of them get a maximum of 30 cradle funds. After closing the cradle cells they are put in hatcher incubators until the day of hatching. We examine the hatched virgin queens and we rank them based on the amount of leftover pap in the cradle cells. From there they get into polystyrene mating hives and we check them after 10-12 days.

Due to the challenges of the 21st century we put our queen rearing work on a totally new basis. We successfully introduced the process of artificial insemination which is totally unique in Hungary!

Due to the physical geography of Hungary we have no high-altitude or marine island breeding stations. Therefore to keep true to the breed and because of the selection work the method of instrumental insemination is indispensable for us.

Nowadays we do this as a routine for the production of breeding queens so for our current and future customers we not only offer this as a service but we also sell artificially inseminated queens.

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